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We are currently looking for a full time shop assistant (Barista), preferably somebody who speaks French. Please email your CV to Looking forward to receiving your application. Thank you.

About Patisserie Sainte Anne

Hi everybody!

The Patisserie Sainte-Anne has moved to London from Paris in August 2014. We have run this popular bakery for twenty years in the 13 arrondissement. Now we are situated in Hammersmith.

All our breads are made of organic flour (from a mill based in Gloucesthire). Most of the ingredients (milk, cream, butter, etc) are from England except the chocolate from Belgium and the butter for the croissants come from France (Charentes Poitou). All our products are all home made on the  promises.

So come enjoy the true taste of a “boulangerie parisienne”.

Bonjour tout le monde!

La Patisserie Sainte-Anne s’est déplacée de Paris pour Londres. Nous avons dirigé cette populaire boulangerie pendant 20 ans dans le 13ème arrondissement. Nous sommes maintenant situé à Hammersmith.

Tous nos pains sont réalisé à partir d’une farine biologique (provenant d’un moulin dans le Gloucesthire). La plupart des ingredients (lait,crème, butter,etc) viennent d’Angleterre à l’exeption du chocolat qui vient de Belgique et le beurre pour les croissants provient de France (Charentes Poitou). Tous nos produits sont fait maison et fabriqué sur place.

Donc venez goutez au vrai goût d’une “boulangerie parisienne”.


Patisserie Saint-Anne with Alain and Agnes Marache

What our customers say

“The most amazing, buttery pastries and sensational baguette (best I have ever found in London). The absolute upper crust of French baking… in London :-)”
“It’s like a little piece of France in the heart of Ravenscourt Park. The baguette just taste like home and the pastries are sinfully delicious.”
“Absolutely fabulous pastries, just like in France, at extremely reasonable prices. I would highly recommend the croissants, the basque tart and the baguette cereales.”
“Amazing patisserie – we have tried a lot in London, and this is our best for cakes and pastries.”


204 King St, London W6 0RA

Contact details

Telephone: 020 8563 2046

Opening hours

Mon – Sat: 7am – 6pm
Sunday: 8am – 6pm

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